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Sephron Mair, promoter of the popular all-white ‘Soiree En Blanc’ event in New York, has announced plans to partner with Blue & Bougie for Bleu & Blanc Weekend, which is scheduled for Jamaica in March 2024.

Mair is currently in Jamaica scouting locations for that weekend show, which is designed for “the young, grown and sexy”. He disclosed that he and his team hope to stage two events — one in Ocho Rios and another in Kingston.


“Ocho Rios is a major tourist hub so we are seriously considering hosting the All-White event there. We also plan to visit Hope Gardens as well as the Kingston Waterfront so we can make a final decision on a location for the All-Blue event,” he told OBSERVER ONLINE.

Mair is franchise owner of Diner En Blanc in Westchester, New York and founder of The Signature Society, a members-only organisation that caters for the mature and sophisticated.

Soirée En Blanc, The Signature Society’s marquee event, was last held in July and was sold-out. Mair believes partnering with Blue & Bougie is a good business move.

“I have been a big supporter of Blue & Bougie and likewise, they have embraced the Soiree En Blanc concept. I believe the time is right for these two big, successful New York brands to do something spectacular in Jamaica. We have loyal clients who believe in both events. What is great, many of them plan to fly with us to Jamaica for this once-in-a-lifetime party experience. It will be one for the record books,” he said.

Blue and Bougie was founded in 2016 by Jamaican promoter Jerry McDonald. It has attracted thousands of patrons to venues such at the Radisson Hotel, Rye Golf Club, and The Wainwright Mansion in Westchester.

Mair has also enjoyed considerable success with his theme parties.

“We had great success with our brands, Soriee En Blanc, The Independence Gala and Diner En Blanc, Westchester. The most recent Dîner En Blanc NYC which I attended, was held in Manhattan, attracted over 4,000 patrons and earned a featured story in Forbes Magazine. The events we are curating for Jamaica will have some elements of Diner En Blanc, but on steroids,” he boasted.

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