Our History


1 Harmony Radio formally known as One Harmony Radio was set up in 2004 by Musical Genius now known as King Genius to promote music on his own One Harmony Music now known as 1 Harmony Muzik to also promote up and coming talent.

1 Harmony Radio started at a time when FM radio was at its peak.

Not being put off by the negative comments etc, Genius continued with the progress of the radio

which lead him to syndicate radio shows out of the USA, Jamaica and Africa and was the first station to syndicate radio show here in the UK.

These included former Roots FM presenter Princess K, former Power 95 (Bermuda),

Clinton Lindsay, Sir Rockwell out of Florida, Sound chat Radio Show to  name a few.

1 Harmony Radio is also known for there community work like providing radio broadcasting for the Brockley Max Festival and also being one of the main organizers of The Lewisham Way Youth & Community  Centre Reunion event.